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Still As You

by Black Letters

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Black Letters’ Still As You looks at all those universal themes of hitting your late twenties: love, connections, trust, dependency, loneliness, money. That’s not to say that the band consider loneliness to always be negative, rather how you start to become aware of the fact that loneliness is there in everyone’s life, something that can be used productively to drive you forward creatively.

Still As You has a dreamy quality to it musically, but lyrically it tells a subtly different story. The album’s words are fraught with ambiguity and a sense of loss. Still As You sounds like trying to move on in your personal relationships, but feeling too trapped to do so. This release is not explicitly political in its lyrical sentiments, but the band believe that the album’s tension and occasional melancholy moment is the subconscious result of a whole world in turmoil.


released November 22, 2019

All music composed, written and performed by Sharath Narayan, Sarang Menon, Akash Chacko and Arjun Radhakrishnan

Production, Recording & Mixing - Sharath Narayan (Cosmic Attic) at COSMA Studio, Bangalore

Mastering - Justin Colletti

Artwork - Noopur Choksi

Special Mentions - Harikiran Menon, Pranav Bhasin, Shreya Choudhari, Saarth Padmakar, Jeevan Antony, Pranoy Praveen, Kevin Varghese, Pranjal Asha, Nishant Mathew & Vishal Augustine (Goosbry)

We would love to thank our families, friends and fans for their love.


all rights reserved



Black Letters Bengaluru, India

Black Letters is an Alternative Rock quartet from Bangalore, India. They bring soul-shaking sounds inspired by various forms of Rock and Electronic music with underlying emotions of semi-classical Indian music in a way that makes for an inward, cerebral, and cinematic experience.

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  • Mar 18
    Providence, RI

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Track Name: In My Senses
I’m falling down from the heights
There’s no way to stay on my senses
That I left beside you
So I could smell you when I’m gone

I’m cushioned in shallow water
As salty as it could ever be
There’s no way to drown
I’m wrapped in plastic

I’m falling down from the heights
I’m falling down form the heights

I know that I said
I’ll come back to you
When it’s over

I know that I said
I’ll come back

I know that I said
I’ll come back to you
And it’s over

I know that I said
I’ll come back to you
And it’s over
Track Name: Break Into
This can’t go far
Not without our pain
For you to see what’s only mine
To break into our past

This can’t hold fire
I move into nothing
Of all the blunders
This shook me hard
I don’t feel my heart
I’ll be inside
Track Name: Noon
As I return
One to rule, yeah
While feeling lonely
I’ve been lonely
Makes a holocaust
Drown them out
I made it long and lasting

And I extend
My future here
Then failing surely
Makes a providence
Glossed in war
Moving, falling falling backwards
Track Name: Some Do Some Don't
Fireworks, fireworks
I become into the sky
Fireworks, fireworks
I become into the sky
Track Name: Landscaper
What got you to follow
Made you swallow, day and night
They have have the world watching their ways

And they climb your fences
And make you hideout in your basement
They know you like the back of their hand

One man who's colours
Covering in a nation's tower
Looks like a mob's been sent your way

And all that you've seen before
Are nothing but landscaped lies

What made you follow
And got you hollow yeah
What made you follow
And got you hollow yeah
Track Name: Other Side
Different sides that fray
Iʼll be right tonight
Iʼll be right tonight
Till you put me in this light

Opinions as theyʼre made
I've been warned tonight
I've been warned tonight
Wrong is not a side of mine
Track Name: Dripping
I’ve been coming at you
Lay your arms down and hide
I’ve been coming at you
Make good plans to run away

I’ve been coming at you
Throw a well aimed punch
I’ll try backing away
Dripping through my nostrils

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